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Warren Worthington III

X-Men // Angel

Warren Worthington III // Angel
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Warren Worthington III Facts
Name: Warren Kenneth Worthington III
Codename: Angel
Occupation: Future CEO of Worthington Industries, currently working with his father
Marital Status: Single
Birth date: October 10, 1980
Birthplace: Centerport, Long Island, New York
Education: Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
Family: Warren Kenneth Worthington Sr. (grandfather, deceased), Warren Kenneth Worthington Jr. (father), Kathryn Worthington (mother)

Height: 6'
Weight: 150 lbs
Color of Hair: Blond
Color of eyes: Blue
Distinguishing Marks: 16' span feathered wings
Warren Worthington III was born in Centerport, New York to Kathryn Worthington and Warren Worthington Jr. He was attending a private school in his adolescence when white, feathered wings began to grow from his shoulder blades. Warren felt like he was a freak and tried to remove them on his own. One day his father caught him doing that and with a misguided desire to help his son, began working on a 'cure' for mutants. It was done from the right place, he wanted to 'help' people that wanted to get rid of it. He never intended it to be used to harm.

It wasn't until he was going to take the cure that Warren realized he didn't want it. When he learned about Xavier's, he went to live there with other mutants. During the attack on Alcatraz by Magneto and the Brotherhood, Warren saved his father by catching him when he was pushed off the roof.

After the battle, Warren returned to Xavier's to live with other mutants and to help out the X-men. He continued his duty to learn the running of Warren Industries to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.

Angel has fully feathered wings that span 16' and have a very flexible skeletal structure. He can fly by flapping his wings, and can reach speeds of up to 150 mph. Though he generally flies below the height of clouds at 6,500 feet, Archangel can reach a height of 10,000 feet with little effort. His wings are strong enough to carry aloft at least 200 pounds in addition to his own body weight. Angels's entire anatomy is adapted for flight, having hollow bones; a body virtually devoid of fat, granting him enhanced proportionate muscle strength; eyes that can withstand high-speed winds; enhanced eyesight enabling him to see at distances far greater than the average human; and a special respiratory membrane that extracts oxygen from the air at extreme velocities and altitudes. Angel can heal fatal injuries and cure most known diseases at an accelerated speed by mixing his blood with that of the victims, so long as they have a compatible blood type.

Warren has two distinct lives and personalities. When he's out in public, he is a shallow, billionaire playboy that only lives for women, parties, and having a good time. His 'true' personality is a lot stronger and deeper.

He comes from a privileged background and the responsibility of running a multi-million dollar corporation. Warren is proud, stubborn and determined. He also craves acceptance and doesn't like to be an outsider which is why he straps down his wings with a harness when he's not at Xavier's. He believes that mutant abilities should be used to help people rather than harm them. He doesn't like violence, and would prefer not to kill, but he will.

[VERSE] NOIREDELUXURE @ noiredeluxure
This verse was originally created and conceived by and for Gambit and Rogue, to explore their canon ship in muse form (see their profiles for further details). It has since expanded with other X-muses to create a world mostly based on movie canon. It is predominently movieverse, with some comic background. Warren is a part of their world at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, and this is his main verse based on his background outlined above.

For more general info on the verse, please see noiredeluxure. Warren shares his X-Men world with fellow all fellow muses there.

I am not Warren Worthington III. He belongs to the brilliant mind of Stan Lee. He is X-Men movieverse (with some comic background) designed to fit in with Singer's X-Men movies, but is not the version portrayed by Ben Foster in X-Men: The Last Stand. I am not Chad Michael Murray, the man in the icons, he belongs to himself. This journal is for entertainment purposes only. No profit is being made.

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